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New Corum Ti-Bridge Reserve Power Greatly Shows the Brand’s Expertise

Fans of Corum will know what the brand has been doing to its iconic bridge watches along the way. Indeed we’ve seen lots of brilliant creations with bridges by the company and now we keep expecting more. Well, still, again it seems that Corum will not disappoint us. You must remember that the company automated their iconic Golden Bridge with a proprietary rotor, while now the more modern Ti-Bridge gets the special treatment with a linear power reserve indicator. The new one the house has recently unveiled is called the Ti-Bridge Power Reserve, capable of 3 days’ function.

One thing the company has done right here is that they gave this watch a linear display for the power reserve, because the Caliber CO107 baguette movement is in a linear layout. This watch has really shown the expertise of Corum in watch designing by presenting to the public the exquisite, and proper, details. In order to get the proper alignment, a satellite gear train visible from the 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock axis was used although we can’t see it when looking at the model straight on.  Also, the module features a differential gear system composed of three wheels, one of which is an off-centered “planetary wheel”.
Given the structure of this Ti-Bridge, to equip it with a power reserve display is indeed not an easy task. The indicator was put on a graduated sliding gear composed of phosphate nickel and thus it necessitated LIGA manufacturing, and by this it means raw materials can be formed from either side. Then the advantage of doing this would be less parts and more precise tolerances than mechanical machining.
Besides, with a grade 5 titanium case and dial, this new Ti-Bridge Power Reserve watch has got a new set of clothes in commemoration of the newly added complication. And the company is considerate enough to get the hour and minute hands and the power reserve treated to lume, so as to help you read the time and state of wind in low dim light. Lastly, the novelty is paired with a rubber strap with a fine folding clasp.
We surely know that most average buyers won’t think it rather easy to afford a watch like this. But there’s other things to do to get the exquisite designs – going for replica Corum watches! of course I mean the top quality ones, which will do as greatly as an original piece does!
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