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Chloe Darla Bag - One of Chloe's Most Comfortable Ones



Lots of ladies are complaining one common problem about the some designer bags, which is that no matter how attractive, how amazing, how breathtaking they appear, many are actually kind of uncomfortable to carry. Some of them are ‘equipped’ with stiff corners; and some ‘boasts’ heavy textiles; some handles are either rolled or just as structured and shoulder-aching themselves. Well, Chloe presents some bags which have solved these problems, nice-looking and meanwhile quite comfortable for carrying. And it is the latest Chloe Darla Shoulder Bag.


The first thing that jumps into your sight must be the rather unique squared pebbled leather body and the richly dyed shade of Royal Blue (though it looks quite like dark purple to most of us).
Surely the feminine silhouette contributes a lot to the bag’s charm, yet people who know Chloe also know that the French fashion house tends to craft their accessories and usually make their bags a bit over-weight. It seems that the designer likes to add some more pounds of hardware to a Chloe bag. However, this time you don’t have to expect that. The house has limited the metal and given its creation a cleaner and vintage-esque look.

If you want a couture look, just simply pull the shoulder straps back and carry it around the crook of the arm with the top handles. Still, the part I love the most about this bag is the flat leather shoulder straps, considerately made to let you feel comfortable when carrying the bag, which actually has made the bag qualified as one of the most comfortable Chloe bags we’ve ever seen.
If you are also so fond of the Chloe bags’ looks, you can get the styles with ease by going for top quality replica Chloe bags at online shops. Believe me they are going to amaze you.

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